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One stop solution for



Construction solution designed to lower your Project Costs

Man hours
Material consumed
Machine usage
Project cost

Without Philom

100 m³
100 crore

With Philom

75 m³
80 crore
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To maintain profitability and accelerate construction.


To reduce construction cost and meet L1 targets

Project Consultants

To reduce defects and supervise site work effectively

How it works

How the solution works? 

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Creating a win-win solution for both builders and contractors


The solution achieves 'zero wastage' in man, material & machine related resources that results in meeting desired cost targets.

The in-built work schedules are in sync with the project plan, thereby helping in allocation of daily tasks to supervisors accurately.

The system triggers notifications on leakages and frauds happening in your absence.


The solution helps you accomplish stability in profit margins & take crucial decisions by having a bird's eye view of all on-ground activities.

Coordination, updates and approvals are managed on a single platform to ensure zero time delays.

Quality defects are reduced considerably by sharing feedback on a real time basis.

How we made it possible ?

Measured execution - A game changer

We developed a module that enables supervisors and engineers to utilise project resources with 100% efficiency

Projects that we deal in

Image by Sean Pollock

  Residential and Commercial 

Image by Diego Jimenez

Road and Infra 

Specialised Construction

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Where we show and prove the cost savings to you!

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Our Mission

Making construction economical to boost profitability for builders and contractors

Our Values

Customer Success

We grow when you grow. Our team works passionately to maximise the benefits for your project.

Problem solving at the core

Every construction is different and presents unique challenges. We work hard in removing the complexities that allow you grow quickly

Benefits focus

A good tech tool should upgrade current system by 10X. We take this as a challenge in each project that we undertake


For us relationships matter more than short term money gains. We work with honesty to keep our focus on serving you better.

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  • Who is this product for ?
    This product is for builders, small and big contractors and construction companies
  • Which projects can this be used in ?
    The product is suitable for all projects which involve road works, civil works, MEP, HVAC and other finishing activities
  • Is this tool only for the management ?
    No, we bring your entire workforce including your external consultants and sub-contractors on a single platform to make them work as a team.
  • Does it guarantee cost saving?
    Yes, regardless of any stage of the project, you will start seeing the results as soon as the product is deployed in the project.
  • Our project is in finishing and handover stage. Can we benefit from the product?
    Yes, the product will give you value at every stage of the project.
  • How does the pricing work ?
    Pricing is customised basis the requirement and you only pay when you use it. After the trial if you are unhappy with the results, you can discontinue with the service
  • Most of our workforce is semi skilled and unorganised. Is there any training required ?
    No, the product has been meticulously designed to make it easy for everyone to use.
  • What if the tool doesn’t show expected results ?
    You don’t have to worry about the results after you onboard us.We deploy a dedicated resource in the beginning whose responsibility is to deliver the cost savings for your project.
  • We already have project management tools for efficiency. How is this different ?
    The product’s core value is cost saving which is different from other collaborative tools.
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